A Good Digital Marketer can Pay for Themselves – Even In a Down Market

Written by Michael Caress MA.OD, CGBP

In a recent Small Business Majority survey of California Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Small businesses that use social media implement a variety of strategies when adapting to market challenges. 

Chart showing the strategies that small businesses implemented, and the percentage of survey respondents who reported each strategy

Survey respondents used social media to:

Build brand awareness 64%

New product offerings 43%

Promote customer success stories/Community engagement stories 36%

Presence on additional social media platforms 36%

More interactions with customers for feedback/reviews 35%

Offer coupons/sales promotions 29%

Viral marketing strategies/collaboration with influencers 23%

Paid promotions / digital advertising 25%

Offering expert advice 14%

When implementing social media strategies in their business since 2020, 70% saw sales increases of at least 20%, with almost one-third saying sales increased at least 50%. 

Similar to the challenges they face running their website, small business owners report that having enough time to devote to social media is a top concern.  

So Why Not Consider Hiring a Digital Marketing Apprentice to Expand the Team?  

At Clear Digital Labs, you can onboard a skilled remote worker or hire someone directly from your local community while they are undergoing digital marketing training and receiving regular individualized mentoring support.   

The State of California offers hiring incentives that cover the cost of additional training and support services. 

In addition, your current entry-level digital marketer can upskill on the job by accessing the funding we have secured through the California Apprenticeship Initiative.

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