Clear Digital Labs. The story.

We’re not just building a bridge between your potential and the evolving world of digital marketing; we’re here to champion your journey.

“Embolding You” isn’t just a tagline—it’s our commitment to you. Through practical, real-world training, we’re here to not only prepare you for what’s next but also empower you to drive the change. Join us, and let’s transform your aspirations into impactful realities as we lead the digital revolution together.

Welcome to the future. Or as we say. Welcome to now.

Our Mission

To be a leading facilitator of innovative digital marketing solutions, bridging the gap between talent potential and employer needs.

Why Clear Digital Labs is different:

Industry Relevant and Accredited Curriculum

We leverage leading experts in digital marketing to ensure content is relevant and standardized.

Innovative Learning Environment

We leverage cutting-edge technology and innovative teaching methods to mirror the dynamic nature of the digital marketing field.

A Proven Model to Limitlessly Scale

We have a practical, hands-on approach that prepares individuals for real-world digital marketing roles.

Customized Learning Paths

We have the ability to tailor programs to individual needs and career goals demonstrates our commitment to personal development.

Partnerships and Collaborations

We have collaborations and partnerships with renowned companies in the digital marketing sector.

Expert Faculty and Mentors

Our team of experienced and respected professionals in the field of digital marketing contribute to the depth of the e-learning experience.

Our Vision: Nurturing marketers, transforming industry.

The CDL Leadership Team


Brandon Church

Founder & CEO

Group 384

Michael Caress

Chief Growth Officer


Steven Picanza

Chief Marketing Officer

Group 385

Alyssa James

Marketing Coordinator

Mentors Spotlight

Spanning all facets of digital marketing, the CDL Mentors bring real-world experience and motivating perspectives to help guide students towards their career goals.


Laura Petersen



Alan Bush

Internet Marketing Strategist


Angela Delacruz

Digital Marketing Specialist


Matt Chavez

Digital Marketer

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Community. Level up, together.

Ready to connect with a community of forward-thinkers in digital marketing? We invite you to join our vibrant network of professionals. Here, you’ll exchange ideas, insights, and inspirations with the best in the industry.

Elevate your career, stay ahead of trends, and be part of a collective shaping the future of marketing.